10 Wacky Uses for An Orangery

Having difficulty picturing how an orangery would work for you? Then you will certainly struggle with the 10 cool uses for an orangery – which is a modern day twist of the conservatory, half brick and half double glazing.


  1. The first use for an orangery is an outside library. Yep. Ever wanted to be in the outdoors reading comfortably without the insects as a bother? The massive windows and garden views will be able to transport your imagination and mind effectively, meaning you can curl up in a chair and immerse yourself in literature.
  2. A theatre? That’s what I thought. And yet several children host many a performance to parents and grandparents alike across the UK. Orangeries are now the stage for budding actors – transformed with some subtle stage props, and costumes… and a lot of imagination and patience from adults!
  3. A simple extension from your home. More and more people are using these for the spacious and structural beauty. You now have the ability to use the area as a lounging space and even a dining room for extra accommodation! You will be able to maximize the potential of the room greatly while adding the much-needed value to the home.
  4. One of the most popular and abnormal uses for an Orangery is a kitchen extension. Many individuals enjoy transforming the space from a traditional eating area to lounge, entertain, and provide an informal outlook. The light streaming through throughout the day is a feature anyone can enjoy. No worries over it being too cold because the double glazing of the building captures the heat.
  5. How about an office? This is another popular choice for individuals wishing to indulge in the beauty of quiet and tranquility. It is especially beneficial for individuals who tend to work from home. Simply purchase a five Star orangery and you will no longer have to take up space within your home.
  6. Not so wacky, but can still maintain the original usage of the building. Using it as a garden will bring joy to a gardener – and budding chefs. They will be able to produce great fruit and vegetables flowers, herbs and plants – and create some amazing meals in the process!
  7. Kids Area. Have too many children and little space? This is the perfect area for children to enjoy and be as loud as they wish. If you need to peek in on them from time to time, watching through the expansive windows and doors will pose no problem.
  8. More space for the sport! With the space you will be able to purchase that over-sized TV you always wanted – whilst the short distance to the fridge and BBQ mean you’ll never be too far away from a drink or food!
  9. Entertainment room. For that pool table or football table you always wanted as a kid but were never allowed to have!
  10. The craziest use of all is a dance floor! Many individuals enjoy hosting party after party, if you are one of these individuals; owning an appropriate space is beneficial. Not informal entertaining area, but for late night fun under the stars.

It has the ability to function as several concepts and individuals haven’t begun to surpass the ways in which to utilize the building!

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Making Use of Your Orangery